PLEASE READ before posting, failing to do so and infringing the rules, will not only get you removed from this website but the FaceBook groups as well....YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED..!!
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For the benefit of the members, the words Group and Forum shall mean the same thing. These rules will apply both to the FaceBook group, and to the Forum website. Breach the rules in one and the penalties will apply to both.

This group is for the ANET Range 3D Printers and clones, a place to store build files, instructions and somewhere to get help.

Respect for others, do not troll, hound, intimidate other members and therefore spoil their experience of the group. You will be removed.

BLOCK any member of admin, and you will be removed from the group.

This is an English speaking group,topics and postings in ANY language other than English will be removed.

If you reply to a post, make sure your reply is connected with the main topic, do NOT take a topic off track. If you have a different question, please start your own posting.



Commercial adverts, that have been PRE approved by admin. And on a sporadic basis, that admin feel is to the benefit to the group

DO NOT upload files of any description before checking to see if this file already exists, unless its an updated file, and also, do not upload any files without a FULL description. Its hard work for admins to keep the files section logical and tidy.

Any PRIVATE advert posted, MUST be edited by the poster to show only the main posting. The poster must remove all general chit chat down to an absolute minimum to keep the timeline short and what it was intended for, help and advice within the group.

No Sexually Explicit material or Porn posts, or drug related topics, (FaceBook group ONLY....or topics related to weapons etc (cosplay, props, imitations and replica's included)). Links for pirated software, discussions about how to crack software, or anything related to theft of software. The person posting will be permanently removed from the group.

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