Easy Marlin install OSx & Windows!

Step by step help for new users installing Marlin for the first time
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Easy Marlin install OSx & Windows!

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Thu Feb 08, 2018 3:32 pm

I just finished installing Marlin using akaJes Marlin Configurator. This is BY FAR the easiest way to install and configure Marlin, I highly recommend it. There is no prebuilt package but it was not hard if you follow the very detailed instructions.

You can find it here:


Be sure to follow the instructions to the letter.

If you are on OS X and running High Sierra, you will absolutely need version 1.4, nothing else works in High Sierra:


I know the site looks dodgy but it worked for me.

Tips for Mac OSX High Sierra:

- Make sure your printer is powered and plugged in with the USB cable or the driver will not be visible, even using various methods described in internet posts.

- When selecting the communications port select the /dev/cu/wcuhubserial14120

- I used Pronto interface to test communication

- Marlin Easy configurator lets you select a port, which only show up sometimes. Once you select, it will work properly from there on in without selecting a port.

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