Anet A8 Prusa Style Y Axis Upgrade

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Anet A8 Prusa Style Y Axis Upgrade

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Sat Jan 13, 2018 9:33 pm

Designed by Logan Royer Nov 2017

Having an Anet A8 you will notice the front and rear Y plates start to bend due to belt tension.

Much cheaper and faster to print than an AM8 frame. Cost is about $10 in threaded rod, nuts and washers. Printable in about 6 or so hours.

With this stronger Y axis made of Threaded rod this is no longer the case.

It also helps eliminate vibrations.


4x 7 1/4" long pieces of 8mm or 5/16" diameter threaded rod
20x Nuts that match the fit of your 7 1/4" long threaded rod
20x Washer to put betwent he nuts and printed components.
1x M3 screw and nut for the tensioner that can be obtained from your old front/rear frame.
Update: V1.2 Features larger threaded rod holes as some reported them being a bit tight, fixed print orientation and split the corners into 2 seperate files so they cna be printed seperate. ... rade-50267



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