Quick Swap Tool Mounting System

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Quick Swap Tool Mounting System

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I just thought I would post this here for anyone that might be interested. It's completely free to anyone with an Anet A8 that wants to do more with their printer than print little items for putting on their shelves. This system will allow you to turn your printer into a full workhorse. But it can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be. It's all up to you.

The first thing I noticed is how difficult it was to change over to a Bowden E3D setup. First you had to find a mount, print it up, then you had to get a Extruder mount and place it over to the side... but the real problem was in the fact that you had to unscrew 12 little screws and then screw them back in again. It wasn't so bad until I wanted to print with something like TPU (Flex Filament) after switching to a Bowden head... so again I had to unscrew all those little mounting screws and reinstall the direct drive setup again. Was a major pain in order to swap back and forth. I love the lightness and speed you can print with a Bowden setup, but it just doesn't work with some filaments. So I came up with this system.

Basically it's a redesigned mounting bracket. What makes it worth while is that all you have to do is slide the printing tool head that you want into it and off you go. The tool plates slide in easily and are easy to remove. It takes at least 20 minutes out of swapping between Direct and Bowden! Really simple... but I didn't stop there... oh no!

I also added a tool plate for mounting a Laser, a Dremel, and a Pen... so now you can etch, engrave, and plot with your printer using free software like Inkscape to generate the GCode! I've received alot of great reviews about this Quick Swap System and it's ALL FREE to download and print for use on your printer as well. Its just my way of giving back to the community! I really hope that everyone that tries it likes it and I'm always open for suggestions on how to improve it.

You can find my Quick Swap System here... https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2750693

Whatever you do, don't tighten the nuts against the acrylic too much... you'll regret it!

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