Installing Octoprint on Windows (with No Raspberry Pi)

Have a Raspberry Pi and want to get the best out of your 3D printer, here's how
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Installing Octoprint on Windows (with No Raspberry Pi)

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Sat Jan 13, 2018 9:44 pm

If you don't own a Raspberry Pi but want to control your printer remotely, then you should install a Octoprint server on your Windows computer.

If your already printing over USB then you will also enjoy the benefit of no USB lag anymore.
There are many apps you can download as well from the app store that connect with Octoprint, additionally you can connect to you Octoprint server from any web browser by entering in your ip address. in order to view outside your home WiFi network, you would need to forward you ports on your router. (google you internet provider for a guide for your router)

Also you can set up any web camera to make a live stream to view your printer remotely, make a time-lapse automatically.

Cura 2.7+ can also be setup to "Print to Octoprint" and you can remotely start your prints with having to upload to you Octoprint Sever

Website link with a set by step guide to follow. ... on-Windows

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